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Schweißtechnik mit hoher Präzision

Schweißroboter und Schweißmaschinen operieren mit hoher Lichtbogenstabilität




Health is our top priority



health is our top priority. Due to the current measures in the fight against the corona virus, we are currently only available to a limited extent.

In urgent service cases, please send us your message by email to service@otc-daihen.de.

The mailbox is checked several times a day so that your service request is processed promptly.


Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Femitec strengthens the OTC Group in Europe

chefetageWith the incorporation of Femitec GmbH into the OTC Group, OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH has once again succeeded in improving its production and development through a large intersection of fields of activity and in supplementing it at the decisive points. This is a great step to further establish the position in the European market for industrial robotics and welding system solutions in Europe.


Picture: (from left to right:) Raimund Geh, Managing Director Femitec Holding GmbH, Tobias Geh, Managing Director Femitec GmbH, Kentaro Kaneko, Senior Vice President and Executive General Manager of DAIHEN Corporation as well as Norbert Kleinendonk, Managing Director OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH and Shinji Nishino, Managing Director OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH.


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Precision under steam

Automated container production for catering equipment


LASOtech_RATIONAL_1Since it was founded in 1973 with just 18 employees at the time, the German manufacturer, RATIONAL GmbH, from Landsberg has become the world market leader in steam cooking appliances for commercial large-scale kitchens.
Together with its 31 subsidiaries worldwide, the listed manufacturer of large-scale kitchen technology now employs more than 2,200 people, with trained chefs alone accounting for a quarter of the workforce.


The fully automated production sequence at a glance: The FD-V210 handling robot from OTC DAIHEN EUROPE, clearly visible in the foreground, loads the laser welding cells and removes the corresponding parts from the upstream component containers.


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Ready for sale in Israel: G.D. Robotics on site at OTC 'Kick-Off Meeting'


GDRS_1OTC DAIHEN EUROPE was pleased to welcome its Israeli dealer G.D. Robotic Systems this week for the "Kick-Off Meeting" for training and discussion of different business issues.


Founded as a traditional machinery and construction company in 1994, the family business has steadily developed until today and now offers comprehensive services in the fields of metal processing and welding - from now on also as an official OTC partner.


f.l.t.r.: Holger Garms (Sales Manager EMEA, OTC DAIHEN EUROPE), Gonen Sharoni (CTO, G.D. Robotic Systems) and David Glazer (CEO, G.D. Robotic Systems)


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Robot cell compensates for the shortage of skilled workers


Engelmann_1Over the past two decades, Engelmann Schweißtechnik GmbH has successfully established itself as a welding technology dealer and service provider in the Sauerland region. Managing Director, Jörg Engelmann, as welding specialist and founder of the family-run company with around 10 employees, can personally look back on 30 years of experience in application technology.



Welding specialist dealer, Jörg Engelmann, 2nd from left, from Lennestadt, Germany, sees the shortage of skilled welders in his region as an opportunity to use robotic welding cells. Other teammates: Norman Schäfer; to the right of Jörg Engelmann: Lucia Bockheim and Yvonne Müller.


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Further developed: FD-19 robot controller - Compact controller with extensive functions



With the new FD-19 robot controller, OTC DAIHEN EUROPE presents a technical advancement of the predecessor model FD-11.


The new device is about 25% smaller, with its functionality and ease of use having been extensively expanded. The controller is just as small for welding robots as for handling robots, which are designed for 210 kg payload.



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Movement in the boardroom

Mr_KleinendonkIn the course of a realignment of OTC DAIHEN EUROPE, the DAIHEN Corporation, as the Japanese parent company, has set the course for personnel changes at the top management level:

Starting from April 2021, Norbert Kleinendonk shall be the Managing Director of OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH with sole power of representation. He has also been appointed to the Board of Directors of DAIHEN Corporation to further develop the strategic orientation, as well as the international expansion of the OTC DAIHEN EUROPE group of companies.

Norbert Kleinendonk



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Welding robot cell in an established company - Half the welding time, less weld spatter


klinkhammer_1Since 1972, Klinkhammer Intralogistics in Nuremberg has been a household name for conveyor and order picking systems. In 1993, company founder, Adolf Klinkhammer, decided to further expand the areas of steel construction manufacturing, assembly, service, and maintenance of conveyor systems through the acquisition of the ‘Halleschen Maschinenhandels’ (Halle-based machine dealer), TULOG, to be able to operate more independently in terms of manufacturing technology.


Detlef Klinkhammer and his employees proudly present the new EASY ARC robotic welding cell from OTC in Halle an der Saale (from left: Peter Prautzsch, workshop management, Elias Franke, operator and Detlef Klinkhammer, management of Klinkhammer Förderanlagen Stahl- und Montagebau GmbH).


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P400L - Robust welding machine for thin sheet welding

P400LThe new P400L multifunction welding power source from OTC DAIHEN EUROPE represents the latest development in the proven Welbee series.


The primary application area of the welding machine is in the working with thin stainless-steel sheets made of steel, chrome, nickel, or aluminum alloys in high-speed pulse mode.


The flexible welding power source can be operated with either gas- or water-cooling and, thanks to its generous cladding, it offers increased protection for the sensitive electronics and an overall higher level of robustness and durability.


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Reconverted: CPTX series with inverter technology

cptx_I_serieOTC DAIHEN EUROPE's new CPTX-I welding power sources replace their older, step-switched predecessor models thanks to energy-efficient inverter technology.


Since step-switched power sources will no longer be approved from 2023, the successor product series complies with the applicable EU directives. Ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that see the exclusively water-cooled inverter welding power sources as an energy-saving further development in terms of user guidance and range of applications.


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Sole distribution of OTC welding machines in Italy


otc_govoniTo further strengthen the distribution of OTC welding machines on the Italian market, the local welding distributor GOVONI G. & C. SpA. has taken over the sole import, marketing, service and sale of these products.


Since January 01, 2021, the OTC partner GOVONI has been the central contact for all welding-related inquiries for manual or robotic welding in Italy.




BGA Welding: First OTC welding distributor in Belgium


BGA_Welding_GruppenfotoOTC DAIHEN EUROPE welcomes the Belgian company BGA Welding as an official OTC welding dealer. Serviced by long-time OTC partner ROLAN Robotics, it is the first Belgium-based distributor to sell OTC welding technology directly.


OTC Sales Manager Holger Garms welcomes the new partner BGA Welding, represented by Benjamin Gaytant (on the right in the picture along with Jacob Jan Stuyt, Commercial Manager at ROLAN Robotics).


Image: (from left) Holger Garms (OTC DAIHEN EUROPE), Benjamin Gaytant (BGA Welding) and Jacob Jan Stuyt (ROLAN Robotics).


Ten years of successful cooperation: OTC partner Philpott & Cowlin celebrates 100th anniversary


philpott_cowlin_jubiläumThe DAIHEN Group recently honoured the ten-year distribution partnership of OTC DAIHEN EUROPE with the specialist welding dealer Philpott & Cowlin. On the occasion of the long-standing, trustful cooperation as well as the 100th anniversary of the British traditional company, the close cooperation was celebrated symbolically with the presentation of a plaque.


Image: (f.l.) The former managing director and shareholder of Philpott & Cowlin Ltd., Neil Cowlin, together with the current managing director Greg Howell, proudly present a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the company as well as to the partnership with OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH, which has been going on for ten years now


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Now available: The 2021 Training Program

Schulungsprogramm_2021The OTC training dates for 2021 are now available online.
Please inform yourself about the current dates right here.


PDF-iconDirect download of

the training dates for 2021


Maximum welding power with EASY ARC - OTC DAIHEN



In this short presentation by OTC dealer Pawlowski Industriebedarf und Schweißtechnik GmbH, the advantages of using an EASYARC welding robot station from OTC are explained in a short and compact way. This station represents an uncomplicated and effective automation solution suitable also for small and medium-sized metalworking companies.

Eyecatcher for e-mobility: Charging columns from the welding cell


electrify_1_1200x800While the subject of electromobility is increasingly preoccupying the automotive industry, the required e-charging stations in public parking spaces are already gaining ground in many places. A development which Georg Hellmich, Managing Director of hesotec gmbh, based in Dinslaken, has also been following closely from the outset.


The OTC’s EASY ARC welding robot station at hesotec electrify gmbh plant in Dinslaken. (From left: Michael Krone from Krone Schweißtechnik und Industriebedarf and managing directors, Georg Hellmich and Björn Amendy).


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Trendy robot stations: Rodeike Feinblechverarbeitung


Rodeike_1_1200x800Rodeike Feinblechverarbeitung from Voerde on the Lower Rhine was founded exactly fifty years ago as a sheet metal processing company. Ten years ago, the then founder handed over the company to the current owner Hans Gerd Radomski, whose son, Jens Radomski, has also been working there as a co-decision maker for 7 years. Today Rodeike already employs 28 people.


The new EASY ARC welding robot station from OTC at Rodeike Feinblechverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG in Voerde. (From left to right: Company owners Hans Gerd Radomski and Jens Radomski, Sebastian Siems, and Michael Krone from Krone Schweißtechnik und Industriebedarf).


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lasotech_1With the acquisition of LASOtech Systems GmbH from Suhl, Germany, the DAIHEN Group has further expanded its position in the growing European market. LASOtech is a German specialist for robot system integration, which complements OTC DAIHEN's range of services at crucial points. The start of this promising cooperation was duly celebrated on 7 February 2020 in the presence of the top management of OTC DAIHEN EUROPE and the DAIHEN Corporation.


Picture: LASOtech Managing Director Peter Beike and Kentaro Kaneko, Senior Vice President and Executive General Manager at DAIHEN Corporation


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Art meets robotics at an exclusive New Year event by Rolan Robotics



On January 16th, Rolan Robotics, OTC exclusive partner in the Benelux, invited a select group of customers to an exciting New Year event of a slightly different kind. Against an impressive backdrop, the guests were presented with, among other things, a creative symbiosis of art and technology.

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DPS II – New power source for thick sheet welding


DPSII_DV_webWith the DPS II model, OTC has launched a new power source for the automated thick sheet metal welding process, the one-sided chamfering of which reduces seam preparation to a minimum.


It convinces with an immense saving of gas consumption, requires less wire and reduces rework due to less distortion. …






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MP-255 C – The compact entry-level model in the inverter class


MP-255CDie MP-255C ist für das WIG- sowie für das DC-Puls MIG/MAG-Schweißen das ideale Einstiegsmodell.


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