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OTC DAIHEN offers various solutions in the field of easy robot teaching. All of them are alternative robot programming concepts that simplifies the entry to the OTC DAIHEN robot world.

With the offline programming software OTC Advanced, the joystick pendant JoyPen and the camera auto teaching system PhotoTeach, OTC DAIHEN offers three innovative ways to program your robot cells quickly and easily.

Easy-teach Easy-teach

OTC Advanced

OTC DAIHEN offers a full-scale offline software based on CENIT OTC Advanced. Three scalable versions are available to meet specific customer requirements.

All versions incorporate modern CAD-based offline programming. After importing CAD data, modern automatisms are immediately available, including powerful functions for automatic recognition of fillet welds, forced-position interpolation, mirroring, and cloning recurring weld paths and patterns, in addition to all important welding parameters. Once programmed, the system can be directly downloaded to the control system.

The versions Advanced and Integrator featuring a fixture builder, a computer-aided function that can quickly and flexibly design a suitable support fixture for any type of free form and export it immediately via CAD file.

Exclusively the version Integrator provides all necessary functions to expand existing libraries and create new components individually, such as traversing axes, positioners, and other peripherals. This allows for customization and flexibility in designing automation systems, making programming even more efficient and tailored to specific needs.

Version OTC Easy Teach

  • Developed especially for Easy Arc
  • Digital twin included
  • Basic welding function (MIG/MAG/TIG)

Version OTC Integrator

  • Developed especially for system integrators
  • All functions from version advanced
  • Creation of peripherals, such as positioners, external axis etc.

Version OTC Advanced

  • Ideal for end user
  • Digital twin programmed seperatly to the customer system
  • Complete OTC welding equipment support
  • Complete OTC sensoric support
  • Welding fixture builder assistent
  • External axis support (slider, positioner, ect.)
  • Multirobot stations

Easy Teach

Photo Teach

OTC DAIHEN has introduced an iPad based teaching software called Photo Teach that leverages new LiDAR technology to streamline robot programming, making it more efficient and convenient. LiDAR, short for Light Detection and Ranging, is a popular method for detecting the environment by using pulsed laser light to identify and categorize objects. 

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Easy Teach

Joy Pen

OTC DAIHEN has achieved a new level of simplicity in robot programming with the very light, ergonomic and compact JoyPen.

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Robot Accessories

Offline Systems

You need to produce on maximal flexibility and small batch sizes? OTC DAIHEN supports you with appropriate offline teaching software that reduce downtime and costs, increase flexibility, improve safety and improve quality.

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