Achieve Precision and Efficiency with Standard Pulse Welding

Our OTC DAIHEN standard pulse welding

OTC Standard Pulse, also known as Welbee Pulse, offers the highest performance for welding steel, stainless steel, and aluminum through advanced pulse and drop control technologies. The Pulse Technology provides exceptional welding performance, ensuring high-quality results.

The OTC Daihen's characteristic control curve for pulse welding allows for the selection of an optimal waveform for the specific workpiece material. This ensures precise control and optimal welding parameters for achieving high-quality welds.

standard pulse welding standard pulse welding

The OTC Standard Pulse enables high-quality and high-speed welding processes with significantly reduced spatter. It offers numerous advantages, including a wide range of welding positions, high welding speed achieved through increased arc pressure and lower arc voltage, smooth transition of droplets even with highly viscous stainless steel wires, and reduced spatter formation, especially when welding aluminum.

With its advanced features and benefits, OTC Standard Pulse provides welders with the capability to achieve excellent weld quality, high welding speeds, and improved efficiency when working with various materials, making it a valuable tool for welding applications in industries such as automotive, construction, and manufacturing.

Reduction of gas pores Reduction of gas pores

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