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Step into OTC DAIHEN’s world of innovative MIG/MAG functions. We invite you to explore specialized robotized welding techniques, such as Explore key OTC DAIHEN’s key welding functions, such as:

Low Spatter: Minimize defects for strong, clean welds.

Push Arc: Control heat input, prevent burn-through.

Wave Pulse: Improve weld pool control for precise results.

Penetration Control: Tailor depth for strong, reliable joints.

OTC DAIHEN’s welding functions are made to optimize your welding processes to achieve high-quality welds, minimize defects for various applications.

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The push-arc welding process revolutionizes the field of MIG/MAG welding by introducing a new approach to drop transfer, employing electronic pulses for arc control.

Wave Pulse

The Wave-Pulse function is a further development pulse function by OTC DAIHEN. Additionally to the current parameter, Wave Pulse has the option to set the correlation between high- and low-current phase and frequency of the pulse set.

Standard Pulse

OTC Standard Pulse, also known as Welbee Pulse, offers the highest performance for welding steel, stainless steel, and aluminum through advanced pulse and drop control technologies.

Penetration control

OTC DAIHEN welding power sources offer the option to automatically adjust the wire feed speed to maintain a constant welding current, even when the free wire end varies.

Low spatter

OTC DAIHEN welding power sources offer the option to work with a special function to reduce spatter, which means less time and effort spent cleaning up after the welding process.

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The multifunction-welding machine for the industry
Plasma welding in perfection
The perfect for the industry
Welbee DPS II
Highly efficient thick plate welding
The uncomprimising entry into the professional world of pulse welding -…
Highest performance for entry into the professional world of pulse welding
Welbee-W400 AC-MIG
The high-light for high-quality AC/MIG welding
Highest performance for the welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminum
The entry with high performance and unbeatable price
High Efficiency Aluminium Welding
Cooling unit 5H/IF (WB series)
Cooling unit 5H/IF (WB series)
CPTX-I 500-2w MAG
The CPTX machine with inverter technology
CPTX-I 400-2w MAG
The CPTX machine with inverter technology
The compact entry model into the inverter class
Highly technologically advanced, robust and user friendly
The universal for industry


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