May 2024

Leadership Changes at our company

OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH announces significant leadership transitions, marking a new chapter in its corporate history. Effective May 1st, Norbert Kleinendonk will step down from his role as CEO and President after six years of commendable service. Mr. Kleinendonk will assume a new position as a consultant within the company, where he will continue to contribute to strategic goals and explore new growth opportunities.

"We have reached many milestones together, and this transition is filled with positive expectations," stated Mr. Kleinendonk. "I am excited to contribute from a new perspective and help set the course for a successful future."

The company is pleased to introduce René Lohmann as the new CEO and President. Mr. Lohmann, known for his impressive international experience and leadership capabilities, is well-equipped to guide the company into its next era. "René’s vision and dedication are what we need to continue our path of growth and success," Mr. Kleinendonk added.

Additionally, Shinji Nishino, who has significantly contributed to the company's success as Managing Director, will take on new challenges within the group at DAIHEN Thailand from May 1st. Kosei Usui will succeed Mr. Nishino as Managing Director and Vice President, while maintaining his current role at FEMITEC.

OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH expresses its deepest gratitude to Mr. Kleinendonk for his dedicated service and extends a warm welcome to Mr. Lohmann and Mr. Usui in their new roles.

Leadership Changes at our company Leadership Changes at our company


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