May 2024

CE-Certificate remains valid in the UK.

No obligation to switch to the UKCA label in the UK. CE-Certificate remains valid in the UK.

The UK's withdrawal from the EU at the end of January 2020 also meant, that it was no longer subject to standardised EU-wide regulations for numerous technical and medical products that are subject to CE certification. To be able to implement its own regulations, UK marking was introduced, characterised by the UKCA logo, which initially essentially corresponded to CE marking. The UK accepted both certifications within a deadline, which was extended several times, ultimately to 31st of December 2024. On 17th of May 2024, this deadline, from which the sole acceptance of UKCA-certified products should apply, was removed. This means that even in the future it will be possible to export CE-relevant products to the UK via the CE declaration of conformity.

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